Kathi Ross-Nash Loves Pilates!

What Pilates is to me…
I have no words that can express what this work means to me. It means everything. It is what I believe in for myself, my family, for everyone. I believed in it so much that I refused to allow my son to lift; he could only use the method, his entire high school football career. He broke all the records he could and today is the starting running back at The University of Chicago, for the third year.
It keeps me whole, both body and mind. The work brings clarity to the chaos of life. I become at total peace the moment I begin to move through the ritual of my mat or reformer. I know that I can overcome challenges in life as I have overcome them in the work. I know I will have an hour of freedom from the stress the world has put on me the moment my workout begins. I feel alive as the blood rushes through my veins, cleaning me from the inside.
Pilates sets me free and brings me to the present moment. I am blessed enough to share this with my students and the lovely teachers who honor me to share their journey in this work when they train with me. Pilates fulfills my passion for movement and a healthier life. Pilates makes me whole.

Thank you to Kathryn Ross-Nash, Pilates studio owner and Pilates Instructor at American Body Tech in Allendale, New Jersey.




  1. Thank you… when Eliza asked me to write something, I was truly honored. It is such an amazing life we have, sharing this work, with our clients and each other.

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