Pilates and Her Broken Back

She was 14 when she walked in. A tall and lovely young soccer player, she was at the top of her game, but her back was broken. From the repetitive action and over training, she had fractured her L-4 vertebra.

I worked her evenly and trusted the exercises to do the work. She was STRONG and smart. Working her symmetrically and not focusing on the weaker side, but on finding what straight and align was gave her what she needed. The weaker side had to work doubly as hard as her strong side just to keep up. Her stronger side had to allow the weaker side to do its job. The Method does this by design. The reformer was her new best friend.

I am proud to say that not only did she heal beautifully but also she went on to have a stellar high school and college career. She started as a freshman at the University of Miami and refused to lift weights (she made me proud!!!). This was her own personal war at college and she stuck to her guns. She knew the correct way to train and to move- Pilates had taught her and saved her body.

 Thank you Kathryn Ross-Nash of American Body Tech in Allendale, NJ for sharing this inspiring story!

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